Helix lateral trainer model H905
Helix lateral trainer model H905 diagram
Helix lateral trainer model H905 better inner and outer thigh activation
Helix lateral trainer patented 3d motion infographic
Helix lateral trainer model H905 better than traditional cardio
Helix lateral trainer model H905 is cordless and requires no electricity
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Helix Eco Essential Lateral Trainer - H905

$1,699.00 $1,999.00

The budget-friendly way to experience the world’s most effective cardio!

Like all Helix models, the H905 is clinically shown to provide increased muscle activation and fat burning.* It works the body in all three planes of human motion and targets the muscles that traditional cardio ignores, such as the obliques (55% more activation), the inner thighs (42% more activation ) and the outer thighs (50% more activation).

>Who is this machine right for?

  • Those looking to work out at home
  • Those who need a wallet-friendly option
  • Those who want an eco-friendly machine
  • Those who weigh 300 lbs or less
How does this machine compare to other models?

  • It features all manual controls, not digital.
  • It features a simple computer with an LCD display.
  • It features fewer resistance levels than other models (8)
  • This machine does not require electricity so can be placed anywhere
  • It features a 2 year warranty on parts only
Specifications & Computer Features:

Resistance levels: 8, manually controlled
Resistance method: ECB flywheel
Computer display: LCD
Feedback: Real time calories, RPM, pulse, activity, METS, watts & time
Max user weight: 300 lbs/136 kg
Power requirements: AA batteries for computer
Unit weight: 194 lbs/88 kg
Assembled unit footprint: 42 inches x 42.5 inches (108 cm x 108 cm)
Packaging dimensions: 42.5 in x 42.5 in x 25 in (108 cm x 108 cm x 61.5 cm)
Setting: for residential use
Warranty: 2 years, parts