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WaterRower Oak Rowing Machine With S4 Monitor


WaterRower Club Rowing Machine With S4 Monitor


WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine in Black Walnut with S4 Monitor


WaterRower CityRow Max Rowing Machine


Nohrd WaterGrinder Upper Body Ergometer


WaterRower Cherry Rowing Machine With S4 Monitor


WaterRower Ash Rowing Machine With S4 Monitor


The WaterRower was invented by John Duke in 1988. The American rower developed the rowing machine’s easy function and timeless design from the basic idea, that dry land training should simulate the given conditions on water as closely as possible.

Timeless appeal and prestige: the WaterRower rowing machine received the PlusX Award for its unique design and was also the only piece of sports equipment on display at the Design Museum of London.

WaterRower rowing machines have been manufactured with the utmost care and passion for detail for more than 25 years. Our machines stand for design in your home interior, at the workplace and in the fitness studio.

The heart of the WaterRower is its water tank and ergonomic paddle design.

This enables maximum stroke through water, resulting in an even, smooth and jerk-free resistance. Water resistance is self-determining, meaning it precisely adjusts to the individual movement and strength input of the rower.

In real rowing, the skiff moves through the water based on muscular strength input. Scullers experience water’s resistance with the pull of their oars. The WaterRower truly simulates the outdoor rowing experience through its use of water as resistance.