WaterGrinder by WaterRower upper body toner
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Nohrd WaterGrinder Upper Body Ergometer


Nohrd WaterGrinder Upper Body Ergometer

In sailing, it is the task of the grinder to transform wind into propulsion by hoisting the sails as quickly as possible. Grinders perform the backbreaking work on board- they are truly top athletes! Exerting physical strength and endurance, the grinders race to turn the winches on sea-going yachts to raise the sails, with a classic crank motion.

The Ash WaterGrinder, upper body toner, brings this intensive sport to your home, enabling you to achieve the impressive fitness levels of a racing grinder, without having to forego the element of water!

Sit or Stand

The WaterGrinder’s wooden seat can be positioned on either side in 3 different heights. It can be worked from both a sitting or standing position.

Resistance: high or low

The hand pedals can be set in 8 different positions to adjust resistance: the smaller the rotation radius, the higher the intensity.

Front or Back

The WaterGrinder can be used from both the front or back of the machine, as well as from the side- you choose whether to sit or stand. All positions will train your upper body- chest, abs, back, arms and shoulders.

The WaterGrinder is easy to use while providing a wide range of exercise possibilities. Its elegant, drop-shape wooden frame is a true eye-catcher in the home or studio.

The WaterGrinder’s paddle is ergonomically shaped, producing the machine’s resistance in its water tank. Water resistance is self-determined, meaning, with each move it can precisely adjust to strength input: the harder you crank the hand pedals, the higher the resistance.

The WaterGrinder monitor offers a wide selection of training possibilities. Users can choose between the following programs:

    • Time / Distance Training:
    • Set a time or distance you would like to master and focus solely on reaching this goal during your workout.

    • Versatility Drill:
    • Let yourself be confronted with many different and unforeseeable exercise challenges, as if a real coach were commanding you at your side. Determine the focus of your training session and you will receive a fully differentiated workout, containing a wide variety of exercises.

    • Competition Training:
    • In competition mode, you will compete against a virtual or real opponent where you must hoist your pre-determined number of sails as fast as possible. This workout is all about winning or losing, guaranteeing a high-intensity exercise session.

Depending on the program, you will be given the following parameters: rotational speed, pulse rate, time, distance, performance (displayed in watt) or calories per hour.