BodyKore functional trainers and gyms on sale

BodyKore Dynamic Trainer- MX1161EX


BodyKore Universal Trainer- MX1162


BodyKore Hip thrust FL1844


BodyKore signature series adjustable bench G206


BodyKore Elite Series Commercial Multi-Adjustable Bench CF-2106


BodyKore Olympic Flat Bench Signature Series G251


BodyKore Rear Glute Kick - GR810


BodyKore Signature Series 45 Degree Leg Press- G277


BodyKore CF8131 Glute Press


BodyKore is a leading innovator of commercial fitness equipment globally. Originating in Los Angeles, California, in 2005, BodyKore has grown into a full-service fitness provider, which now has locations in three countries around the world.

The BodyKore team includes individuals who live for fitness and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our team is made up of product specialists, engineers, Kinesiologists, designers, and hands-on specialists who all have a mutual passion for fitness. Their industry expertise and desire drive their success.

California Home Fitness offers multiple BodyKore fitness equipment products, including its commercial multi-adjustable weight bench, which can fit well into your home or garage gym spaces. The bench also features multiple incline positions, allowing users to adjust it to their comfort levels as they perform curls or other exercises.

Another quality piece of equipment is the BodyKore Universal Trainer,  a gym which gives you many options as you work out. With its pull-up bars, pulley system, smith machine, and other features, you can do multiple exercises on this BodyKore gym while saving money and space in your home or commercial gym. California Home Fitness is proud to offer these capable machines from BodyKore.  Stop into California Home Fitness to try our great selection of BodyKore gyms and functional trainers for sale.