Spirit Fitness HIIT Trainer
Spirit Fitness HIIT Trainer side view.  Compact trainer.
Spirit Fitness HIIT Trainer console with LCD display of speed, time, distance and heart rate.
Spirit Fitness HIIT Trainer mobile app.
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Spirit Fitness XS895 Adjustable Incline Stepper

$2,199.99 $2,499.99

The Spirit Fitness XS895 (HIIT Trainer) Adjustable Incline Stepper takes your HIIT workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training) to a new level. This incline step machine provides you with an arched incline adjustment that changes not only the stepping incline but also the height.

The additional 20 levels of resistance allow users of all fitness levels to maximize this effective lower body workout. The narrow 2" pedal spacing (Q-Factory), large cushioned pedals, and multi-grip handlebar design combine to give you and incredibly comfortable and space-efficient cardio unit.

The New SPIRITFIT APP is designed to monitor and record your workout data through an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module that is compatible with most iOS and Android mobile devices.

Simply download the SPIRITFIT APP, set up the account, pair with your SPIRIT FITNESS equipment, then you’re ready to track your workout schedule, design your workout plan, and set your workout program.

All of your personal profile and exercise data will be stored in your mobile device. During your workout you can watch a movie, catch up on news, and check your email while the SPIRITFIT APP continues to record your exercise data in the background.

The SPIRITFIT APP also communicates with Fitbit, iHealth, RECORD, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and other open source training apps so you can continue using the fitness apps that you are familiar with and keep all your workout history in one safe place.

• 20 resistance levels and 20 incline adjustments from a 10" step height at 43° to a 14" step height at 60° deliver the ultimate lower body workout
• 7.5" bright blue backlit LCD screen with separate Muscle Activation Profile and HR % Profile LED displays
• Remote Handlebar Toggles for both Incline and Resistance allow for fast and easy workout changes without taking your hands off the handlebar pulse grips
• Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring options make your workouts more effective (chest strap transmitter not included)
• Adjustable cooling fan and dual speakers with audio jack for comfort and entertainment


Spec’s: Home Warranty:
Power: Plug-In Frame: Lifetime
Resistance Levels: 20 Parts: 10 Years
Incline Levels: 20 Labor: 1 Year
Programs: Yes Light Commercial Warranty:
Max User Weight: 400lbs Frame: Lifetime
Unit Weight: 205lbs Parts: 3 Years
Floor Space: 24"W x 54"L Labor: 1 Year