Top 3 Home Exercise Machines for Cardio Fitness

Top 3 Home Exercise Machines for Cardio Fitness

Understandably, not everyone enjoys the gym. Between the long commute to the shared space and initial confusion when using machines for the first time, mustering enthusiasm to exercise in a public area is daunting!

However, days of traveling to the gym to complete cardio workouts are coming to an end as more fitness enthusiasts acquire the necessary equipment. If you’re working on expanding your personal fitness zone, here are the top three home exercise machines for cardio fitness that you’ll want to consider.

Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are excellent options that support cardiovascular health and fitness. A 20-minute session on this equipment can help lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You can introduce interval training into your sessions that help keep you on your toes, keeping you interested in the workout as well.


Believe it or not, rowing is another form of cardio that elevates your heart rate and improves endurance without placing stress on joints. Having a rowing machine in your home gym gives you the opportunity to complete total-body workouts that are easily customizable to accommodate your fitness level.


Treadmills are tried-and-true machines that promote cardiovascular endurance. Like other equipment on this list, exercising on a treadmill provides an alternative on days when it’s too cold or rainy to run outside.

With perfect workouts, determination, and the use of the treadmill’s incline feature, you can maintain the same intensity of jogging on this machine as you would in the outdoors.

While we touched on the top three home exercise machines, there are plenty of other options out there that promote cardio fitness. Also, some equipment includes membership options, allowing you to engage in instructor-led sessions without having to commute to a commercial center.

When searching for the proper machinery for your personal workout area, consider California Home Fitness as your go-to provider. While we offer high-grade cardio equipment, we also have a functional trainer machine for sale that supports strength-based goals, thus encouraging a well-balanced fitness journey.