Things To Consider Before Buying a New Treadmill

Things To Consider Before Buying a New Treadmill

A treadmill is one of the best machines you can use for exercising in your home. It’s convenient and lets you continue your workouts even on days with inclement weather. Although you may be ready to start a new regime of walking or jogging every day, you shouldn’t buy one without considering all the important factors involved. To ensure you get a machine that will meet your needs, read about these things to consider before buying a new treadmill.


One of the first things you should ask when looking for a treadmill is, “How much does it weigh?” This question is important because the treadmill’s weight plays a vital role in supporting you and the exercise you get on the machine.

If the treadmill weighs more than you, it’ll more than likely be able to support you and your workout. If it’s lighter, it’ll feel unstable and experience vibration that’ll wear it out quickly. You’ll need to pay for repairs or buy a new one much sooner than you would like.

The Quality Level

Another thing to consider before buying a new treadmill is its quality level. One way to determine that is by looking at its warranty. Usually, a treadmill’s warranty will cover its frame and motor for a very long time or even a lifetime.

However, a treadmill of lesser quality will usually only have coverage for its parts, such as its computer, belt, and rollers, for 90 days or less. You should find one with a warranty of five years or more. This will give you much more value for your money.

Track Cushioning

It’s also crucial to find a product with track cushioning. This will help your joints when your feet hit the treadmill while running. Instead of letting your body feel the harsh impacts, the cushioning will help reduce the chances that you’ll experience an injury.

Cushioning will also cut down on your fatigue levels and allow you to work out for a longer time. Additionally, you can pick out a treadmill with adjustable cushioning so that you can decide which level of support you prefer.


You should look at the level of technology a treadmill offers so that you can ensure it’ll meet your needs. Admittedly, some people won’t need all the bells and whistles when buying a treadmill. They’ll only want something that gives them the ability to run or walk.

But if you want to utilize programmed workouts or fitness apps or monitor your heart rate, you should buy a product with more to offer. This will allow you to enhance your workouts and track your results.


It’s also essential to consider your needs when it comes to speed on your treadmill. If you’re looking to do some light jogging, try a treadmill that ranges between 5 to 10 miles per hour in terms of top speed.

However, if you’re a more serious runner, you’ll likely want to buy a product that goes above those levels. It may cost you more, but you’ll get the capabilities you seek.


There will likely come a time when you’ll want to add some variation to your workout, and one way you can do that is through a treadmill’s incline capabilities. The incline will make your experience feel closer to what it would be like running outside while also allowing you to challenge yourself and intensify your workout.

When shopping, determine if you can change the incline on a treadmill with the help of a motor or if you have to do it manually. If you must do it manually, it’ll likely be a product that’ll offer you a lower level of quality.

Required Maintenance

Another thing to know about a treadmill before you purchase it is how much maintenance it requires. You’ll certainly want to get your money’s worth so that your product lasts a long time.

However, if you have a busy personal and work schedule, you may be unable to provide the care it needs. In that case, you may want to buy one with self-maintenance technology that’ll do this on its own. This will save you time and money down the road when it comes to having it serviced.

Treadmill Size

You should also pay attention to the size of the treadmill since it’ll be going into your home. Make sure you get the treadmill’s length and width before you order and determine where you’ll put it in your house.

Otherwise, when you have it delivered and brought into your home gym, you may discover you don’t have enough room for it. By learning this information ahead of time, you’ll save yourself and the delivery people a lot of hassle.


It’s also wise to consider the different options you have in terms of portability. For example, you may want to purchase a foldable treadmill that allows you to fold its deck up. That way, you’ll have more room on the floor of your home gym after you exercise.

You can also buy treadmills that feature transport wheels that make the equipment easy to move around. Furthermore, there are portable treadmills that you can store under your bed or in your closet for your convenience.

Safety Features

Even if you’re the only one using the treadmill in your home, you should find a product that incorporates a safety feature, such as a key that’ll stop the machine if you slip and fall during your workout.

Usually, you’ll attach the key to yourself with a cord. When you slip, the cord will pull the key out and turn the machine off. This feature prevents you from experiencing additional, unnecessary injuries. The key also can be very helpful in ensuring the machine doesn’t accidentally turn on again after you finish your workout.  

Considering these factors will help you find the treadmill you’re looking for. If you want regular or folding treadmills in Southern California, contact us at California Home Fitness. We offer high-performance exercise equipment that’ll make perfect additions to your home gym.