The Best Home Exercise Machines for Cardio Fitness

The Best Home Exercise Machines for Cardio Fitness

When people work out, they often aim to add more muscle or strength to their bodies. But they should also pay attention to the importance of maintaining good cardiovascular fitness. By improving your cardio health, you enjoy such benefits as a stronger heart, less stress, and even more satisfying sleep. If you want to enjoy these benefits, here are the best home exercise machines for cardio fitness that can help you.


One essential machine for improving your cardiovascular health is a treadmill, which you can use for running and walking exercises. Using a treadmill can help you increase your heart rate to a healthy level and provide you with a solid warm-up exercise. In addition, you can work to maintain a steady heart rate as you use them.

Exercise on a treadmill can also enhance your blood circulation and make your heart even stronger. You will also help lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of developing hypertension. These benefits make a treadmill more than just a useful tool—it’s a vital part of any workout.

Elliptical Machines

Another of the best home exercise machines for cardio fitness is an elliptical machine, which requires you to use both your arms and legs. What makes an elliptical good for your cardiovascular health is that in addition to strengthening your muscles, you’re doing the same for your heart and lungs.

Like on the treadmill, exercise on the elliptical can increase your heart rate and blood circulation so that you have oxygen flowing to all parts of your body. However, it also can drive your body to release serotonin, a hormone that will make you feel better mentally. Serotonin can even decrease your blood pressure and have a positive impact on your hypertension.

Upright Bikes

You also can enjoy cardiovascular benefits with an upright exercise bike, which features a similar design to a regular bicycle that you would take for a ride. As its name implies, the equipment requires you to sit upright and hold its handlebars as you exercise.

Unlike other equipment that improves your cardiovascular health, the upright bike places less stress on your joints. Many bikes also allow you to customize your workout so that it matches your fitness level or daily goals.

Air Bikes

An alternative to an upright bike that you might want to consider is an air bike, which manages to give you a full-body workout and is fantastic for your cardiovascular health. You use your legs to move the pedals and work out your arms as you hold onto the bike’s handles that move in accordance with your pedal action.

The bike also features a large fan that allows for wind resistance, intensifying your workout. However, that fan also provides a nice breeze, allowing you to stay cool even as your heart rate increases.

Recumbent Bikes

Another alternative to the upright bike is the recumbent design, which places its users closer to the ground. Although it may not provide you with as strong of a cardiovascular workout as the upright model, the recumbent bikes can be better for those with specific physical conditions.

For example, if you are a senior who experiences chronic back pain, you may want to go with the recumbent. These machines feature a comfortable, large seat that will give you the back support you need to feel comfortable as you exercise. In addition, if you want a machine that is easier on your hips, knees, and ankles, look for a recumbent exercise bike for sale.

Rowing Machines

Another low-impact device that can play a role in a good cardiovascular workout is a rowing machine. This device provides you with a full-body workout, allowing you to use your lower and upper body in tandem.

As you row, your heart will work hard to send blood to the rest of your body. This exercise can reduce your risk of heart problems and even help improve your blood pressure. With all these advantages, rowing is not an exercise you should pass up!

Stepping Machines

Using a stepping machine also can help with your cardiovascular health. With its structure of two pedals and a frame, these machines require you to move your legs in the same motion you would use to ascend a staircase.

The machine allows you to engage in an excellent cardiovascular workout and helps you enhance your endurance and stamina while strengthening your knees. The exercises you perform on this equipment can lower the amount of joint and stress pain you experience, ensuring you have fewer setbacks on your wellness journey.

Lateral Trainers

You can also get a stepping exercise with a lateral trainer, which helps improve your cardio health as it works out your core and lower body muscles, such as your inner and outer thighs and glutes. But do not worry about using the machine if you have weak knees.

Using a lateral machine will not take a toll on your joints. Instead, it can actually help your body stop knee injuries from occurring since the lateral will strengthen and develop the muscles around your knee and keep you in action longer.

Vibration Machine

Finally, you also enjoy cardio benefits with a whole-body vibration machine. When a person uses the machine, they can stand or sit on its vibrating platform, which drives the muscles in their body to contract and relax repeatedly.

While not as intensive as other workouts, these contractions can help you increase your strength and improve your body’s circulation. In addition, it can help you lower your back pain and balance and reduce your amount of bone loss if done correctly and with the proper supervision.

These various machines provide you with an array of options to help increase the health of your heart, improve your blood flow, and even lower your stress. If you are looking for premium brands to fill your workout space with, contact us at California Home Fitness. We have exercise machines for your home that will allow you to achieve your wellness goals and start living better.

The Best Home Exercise Machines for Cardio Fitness