How To Choose a Treadmill for Your Home Gym

How To Choose a Treadmill for Your Home Gym

Treadmills are central cardiovascular machines that, when used correctly, can help you improve your stamina and endurance. While most prominent in commercial gyms, this robust equipment is a perfect addition to any residential workout area.

However, there are thousands of options on the market, resulting in a challenging decision-making process. Finding the best option to meet your needs means considering a few elements. For example, if you’re an avid runner who enjoys tackling marathons, your selection process may differ from someone who runs trails since they’ll benefit from different features. And someone who doesn’t run for sport may prioritize basic features over fancy upgrades, resulting in a completely different approach! So how do you select equipment based on these factors?

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover how to choose a treadmill for your home gym and what features to look for based on your journey and expectations.

Determining a Workout Space

Before considering models, brands, and offers, it’s best to do some planning. Start by evaluating your home gym or workout area. How much space does it currently have to hold a treadmill?

Storage and portability may be significant factors on your list, but remember to accommodate additional clearance for equipment once it’s unfolded and in use.

To determine how much space you’ll need, measure the area using the L x W x H system and keep these measurements readily available during your shopping. It helps to have an additional clearance of 8 feet from the edge of the running surface to account for storage and portability.

Establishing Your Budget

When comparing treadmills, remember to compare different price points, as these values can determine the machine’s quality and features. Expect to adjust your budget to accommodate your fitness habits.

Comparing Prices

When comparing prices, here’s what to consider:

Under $500

While running equipment at this price point has the potential to serve your fitness lifestyle well, you’ll want to proceed with significant caution if you choose a low-end treadmill. Machines in this range may include a warranty that voids after a short period, or they may not have one at all!

It’s true that these types of treadmills can be useful for the occasional jog or walk, but using them regularly can cause sudden breakdowns within months. Low-quality equipment also tends to include noisy motors, unstable frames, and minimal preloaded workout options.

Under $800

Many machines in the $500 to $800 price range can be reliable; however, they’re generally only hassle-free until used for more intense purposes. This would mean that running at high speeds could damage the treadmill’s operating system and structure.

In most cases, choosing a treadmill at this value would prompt a degree of sacrifice regarding durability and features. For instance, one option can provide a manual incline, but may not have the power alternative. So treadmills under $800 may be cost-effective but may be inconsistent with the special features they provide.

Over $1,000

Home treadmills at this price are top-tier selections that usually offer warranties to cover parts and repairs. Many of these machines offer multiple features like full tracks, power inclines, and enhanced workout selections, making them perfect options for casual and serious walkers and runners.

Premium equipment is durable, requires minimal maintenance, and includes phenomenal absorption of sound and shock, allowing owners of these machines to work out without experiencing much stress. Keep in mind that price classes vary between models and brands, so you’ll want to adjust your budget accordingly.

Considering Treadmill Size

While you should always determine the space you’ll need for your treadmill, some models require more clearance than others given their builds and belt lengths. As a rule of thumb, treadmills should have a minimum belt length of 50 inches for walkers and 55 inches for runners.

Generally, the treadmill’s belt width will vary from 20 to 22 inches, with the former being more suitable for walkers and the latter for runners.

Deciding on Features

Most high-quality treadmills include special features to elevate the workout experience. While some features aren’t as necessary for cardiovascular training, it helps to consider a few to help maintain motivation.

Motorized vs. Manual Power

Manual or motorized power is an element that transforms your walking or running session. With manual treadmills, the belt’s power relies on the force and action of your feet. While these machines don’t require electricity, they require more effort to power in comparison to their motorized counterparts.

Motorized treadmills depend on continuous horsepower, usually electric, to distribute energy to the machine’s motor. This equipment can sustain longer training sessions and allow for varied training.


With motorized treadmills, you’ll notice the inclusion of an automated incline that adds intensity to a workout. Most running equipment includes a 10 to 20 percent incline, benefitting your session by making it easier on the joints and supporting muscle definition.


The number of special features to choose from is endless when selecting a treadmill that works well in your home gym. Most modern machines include app and wireless compatibilities, built-in speakers that allow you to play music during a session, and water bottle holders to store beverages.

Whether it be an advanced pulse reader or a built-in fan, remember to consider your options carefully and think about what features are essential to your training before making a purchase.

Preloaded Workouts

Most high-quality treadmill consoles will include preset workouts that automatically determine speeds and inclines. With this added technology, you won’t have to worry about calculating elements of a walk or run or how they will affect your session.

A truly customizable machine, the treadmill is a star in any workout area. With its many features, this piece of equipment can transform your approach to achieving physical fitness. However, it’s easy to get lost in all the bells and whistles while choosing a treadmill for your home gym.

But once you factor in all your desired elements, you’ll know exactly what to look for, and soon, you’ll have the best piece of equipment for your fitness needs.

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How To Choose a Treadmill for Your Home Gym