How To Burn Maximum Calories With Your Elliptical

How To Burn Maximum Calories With Your Elliptical

One of the common goals when exercising is to burn calories, with benefits such as weight loss, better cardiovascular health, and even stress relief. An elliptical trainer can help you better achieve these goals. Read below for tips on how to burn maximum calories with your elliptical so you can start enjoying improved health today.

Extend Your Workout Time

When you first start training on an elliptical, your body may not be used to the motion and intensity, so you might only be able to work out for a short period. However, the longer you exercise, the more calories you will burn. So if you normally exercise for 30 minutes at a time, try extending that length to an hour. Although this change may take some time for you to adjust to, you will see a substantial increase in the number of calories you burn.

Raise the Incline of Your Elliptical

Another tip for burning maximum calories with your elliptical is to increase the machine’s incline or resistance. When you do that, you will be able to target multiple muscle groups and get them to work harder.

As you do this, you will increase the number of calories that your body burns. You will also make it harder to use your momentum as you move through your workout. That means you’ll have to use intentional movements, which are more effective at burning calories. 

Switch Your Motion on the Elliptical

You can also burn more calories by changing the direction you are moving as you exercise on your elliptical. Instead of moving forward, try going in reverse. You can also change your speed and make variations in your stride to add more variety to your workout session.

Increase Your Heart Rate

Increasing your heart rate is also a good way to burn maximum calories on your elliptical. As you push yourself more, your heart rate will increase, which will boost the number of calories you are burning.

As you use this approach, try to get your heart rate up to approximately 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. You can determine your maximum heart rate by simply taking your current age and subtracting it from 220.

Try Interval Training

You can also burn more calories by raising the intensity of your elliptical workouts. Consider engaging in high-intensity interval training, which involves switching between short sessions of rigorous exercise and periods of recovery.

One of the ways that this helps is by increasing your metabolic rate, burning extra calories while you are exercising and continuing to do so during the breathers. Interval training also can boost excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which allows you to burn calories in a relatively short window following your workout session.

Play Some Music as You Exercise

Although watching television or reading a book as you work out on your elliptical can be very distracting, don’t be afraid to exercise while listening to some music. The melody or rhythm of a song can keep you entertained, and providing your mind with background noise will help it tune out distractions and keep you focused on your workout.

In fact, listening to fast-tempo music can help you with burning calories by encouraging consistent motion. As you focus on keeping up with the beat of the music as you work out, you will increase your heart and respiratory rate. This lets you have fun while you say goodbye to more calories.

Push Your Legs to the Limit

Another strategy for burning calories on the elliptical is working your legs harder than normal. Because your legs have rather big muscles, you will enjoy substantial results by pushing them more. To do this, leave your arms out of the exercise. This strategy will result in your body relying more on your legs to get the work done as you glide on the elliptical.

Go for a Full Body Exercise

Although focusing on your legs is one way to burn extra calories, you can also do so with a full-body exercise. When you use your arms to move the handlebars, you will be working your upper body as well. The additional exertion will allow you to exert more energy and burn more calories. Try switching between leg-focused and full-body elliptical workouts for maximum calorie-busting benefits.

Try Workout Programs

Adding a workout program to your exercise can also be beneficial and motivational. When you commit yourself to a workout program, you will drive yourself further to reach and exceed your calorie-burning goals. Even if you find yourself slowing down in your workout, a workout program will motivate you to work extra hard and get back on track. Many ellipticals come with preprogrammed workout plans for you to select from.

Take Your Body Size Into Consideration

Considering your body size when using the elliptical machine is also important. If you are a modestly sized person in terms of height, don’t turn your elliptical’s incline up to its highest point.

Unfortunately, you won’t have the size to complete your foot cycles and will have to rely on momentum to get the job done. When you do that, you will burn less calories. Instead, select an incline where you can exert your body properly.

Use the Technology Available to You

Most ellipticals come with displays that can give you important guidance as you work out. You should take advantage of these “trainers” and allow them to help you design your exercise so you can burn the most calories for your time.

These elliptical trainers often feature apps so you can track your exercise progress. When you can see how far you’ve come, you will be more ready to continue on your fitness journey to keep burning calories and achieve your fitness goals.

Following these strategies will not only help you achieve better health, but also help you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence. When looking for elliptical trainers in Southern California that can help you burn more calories, contact California Home Fitness. Our selection includes many quality, durable machines that you can try before making your final purchase.

How To Burn Maximum Calories With Your Elliptical