How Elliptical Workouts Can Help With Injury Rehabilitation

How Elliptical Workouts Can Help With Injury Rehabilitation

When a physically active person suffers an injury, finding a mode of exercise that allows them to maintain their health can be hard. But one option they should consider is using an elliptical machine. Learn below how elliptical workouts can help with injury rehabilitation and some of the workouts you can do.

Elliptical Machines Provide Low-Impact Exercise

One of the main reasons you should use an elliptical machine as you recover from an injury is that it provides low-impact exercise. In addition, the machine lets you use the same muscles you would while running. If you’re a runner, you can keep your most-used muscles strong while not putting unnecessary strain on your joints.

Elliptical Workouts Are a Good Source of Cardio

Elliptical machines can also benefit you during recovery by providing a good source of cardiovascular exercise. During your time on the elliptical, you will drive your heart and lungs to work hard and deliver the blood and oxygen that your muscles need. This will maintain your cardiovascular fitness throughout your recovery and help improve your energy and mood.

What Elliptical Workouts You Can Do While Injured

You can perform several workouts on your elliptical while recovering. Ensure you warm up before beginning any of the exercises below.


If you want an experience like a simple run, try moving on the elliptical at approximately 90 RPM for up to 50 minutes.


This next workout level will have you moving at the same RPM, but you will incorporate intervals and use more energy as you exercise. For example, try moving with medium power for about three minutes before taking a minute to recover. Then, repeat this sequence up to six times.


One set you can do begins with you working at medium resistance for 20 minutes. You can then follow it with intervals where you go hard for three minutes and spend 90 seconds recovering. After doing it three times, you should spend at least five minutes cooling down.

Another option is to start with your resistance at the first level. As you continue for 35–40 minutes, try raising the resistance one level every four minutes.

These are the most intense exercises you can do on an elliptical after significant healing. Limit these workouts to twice a week, and once again, stay at 90 RPM throughout.

These exercises can help you keep fit as you recover from your injury. If you want to buy elliptical machines in Southern California, contact California Home Fitness. We offer several brands of machines at excellent value.