Guide to the 5 Different Types of Strength Training

Guide to the 5 Different Types of Strength Training

You often want to exercise in a way that will benefit your body the most when you work out. One way to do that is through strength training, which will help you strengthen your muscles and bones, improve your balance, and lower your risk of injuries. Learn more in this guide to the five different types of strength training.

Total Body Circuit Training

Total body circuit training is one type of training you may want to use if you are just starting out. You will use lighter weights to work out your whole body following this strategy. This method can help you lose weight while preventing you from feeling sore in a single muscle group.

Push-Pull Training

Another one of the five different types of strength training is push-pull training, which can help you build strength throughout your body. This workout plan focuses on exercising your upper-body muscles using push movements one day, pull movements the second day, and dedicates the third day to your legs and full body.


This third strength training method requires you to perform exercises that lengthen and incorporate more muscle into your workouts. These movements can include squats, deadlifts, power cleans, and snatches that will use your entire body. Remember not to overdo it since you may experience symptoms such as joint pain, strains, and muscle fatigue.

Explosive Training

This fourth strength training type helps you create force quickly and improves your reaction time. Many athletes use this training, which includes lightweight powerlifting movements, box jumps, and rope pulls. What separates this from powerlifting is that you move faster and can do more reps with lighter weights.

Muscular Isolation

You can also try muscular isolation training if you are a weight-lifting beginner. With this strategy, you will only work on one or two muscle groups daily, which can help if you are targeting a specific group. It also helps if you want to achieve hypertrophy, which can impede muscle loss due to age.

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