Equipment That Can Add Intensity to Your Treadmill Workout

Equipment That Can Add Intensity to Your Treadmill Workout

Treadmills have existed for over a century and are among the most invaluable cardio machines that remain staples in commercial fitness facilities and home gyms worldwide.

Given their effectiveness and reliability, many people depend on treadmills to provide intense workouts that promote cardiovascular health, endurance, and stamina.

Treadmills are universal machines and can help you do more than leisure walking and jogging. In this article, you’ll come across equipment that can add intensity to your treadmill workout and challenge your routine.


Walking and running on a treadmill are beneficial exercises that promote blood flow and heart health. While these activities are relatively straightforward, you may notice a decreased energy output once mastered.

Fortunately, carrying additional weight can intensify any exercise, and treadmill workouts are no exception! In theory, the heavier the dumbbells you carry while walking, the more effort it may take to move.

Consider carrying a five-pound dumbbell in each hand; doing so may add variety while placing more work on the heart and muscles to develop core and leg strength.

Weighted Vest

Like dumbbells, weighted vests can intensify a typical 20-minute treadmill exercise. Wearing a vest and walking at a five to ten percent incline promotes a higher work rate, allowing you to achieve a more intense burn while moving.

Adding a weighted vest to a walk or jog can deter bone density loss. This equipment can significantly improve strength and stability by loading the spine and hips with extra resistance.

Resistance Bands

You can combine cardio-based and strength training in one exercise. Using resistance bands during a treadmill workout is a common solution to consider if you’re looking to improve in both fitness areas. When training the lower body, consider placing a band around both legs, just above your knees, and performing sideways crab walks on the lowest speed and incline.

This exercise will require you to stand perpendicular to the treadmill’s console and bend at hips and knees. Preparation ensures your joints remain aligned with your toes and parallel to the floor.

Looking forward and with your leading foot, step to the side and continue the movement for five minutes or until you feel a slight burn in your legs and glutes.

While treadmills can get a bad rap, many people don’t realize the endless possibilities available to create a fun and effective workout. Using equipment to intensify your treadmill workout is a bonus that encourages excitement for future training.

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