Common Elliptical Machine Features To Look For Before Buying

Common Elliptical Machine Features To Look For Before Buying

Elliptical machines have surged in popularity among fitness enthusiasts. Their ability to offer a low-impact workout for the entire body makes them appealing to those who want to improve their cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and lose weight in their home gym. However, when shopping for an elliptical, it’s essential to consider which right attributes will best allow you to achieve your goals. Here are several common elliptical machine features to look for before buying.

A Size That Fits Your Space

One feature to look for in your elliptical machine is the right size. For those with limited space, finding a machine in a size that will allow you to effectively maximize your living area is especially important.


Always measure your available space before making a purchase, and remember to consider the machine's length, width, and height. Remember that ellipticals can require additional space for the movement of the pedals and handles during operation.

An Appropriate Stride Length

Another elliptical machine feature to look for before buying is a stride length that will ensure a comfortable and effective workout. Generally, a stride length of 18 to 20 inches will accommodate most users, providing a natural and fluid motion.


Taller individuals may require a longer stride for optimal comfort. In addition, selecting an elliptical with an adjustable stride length can offer greater flexibility and customization, catering to multiple users with varying leg lengths and enhancing the overall workout experience.

An Informative Console

You should also look for an elliptical machine with a console that will act as your command center during workouts. It should provide clear and accessible information, including time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.


Advanced models often come with pre-set workout programs, Bluetooth connectivity, and interactive features that sync with fitness apps. These consoles track your progress and keep you motivated by offering new and challenging routines.

A Comfortable Low-Resistance Level

Finally, ensure you find an elliptical machine that offers a comfortable resistance level in its lowest setting. While the ability to adjust the resistance is standard on most ellipticals, the quality of the lowest setting can vary significantly.


For beginners or those using elliptical training for rehabilitation purposes, a machine that offers a gentle, easy start is imperative. This feature allows users to experience minimal strain on joints while gradually building their endurance and strength.


When you factor these features into your search, you should be closer to finding the right elliptical machine for you. California Home Fitness can help you with its selection of elliptical cross trainers in Southern California. Visit our locations and try our machines to find the one that will fit perfectly into your home gym.