A Quick Guide to Buying Your First Upright Bike

A Quick Guide to Buying Your First Upright Bike

Upright exercise bikes are long-lasting, reliable pieces of equipment to add to a home gym or workout zone. These machines serve as an accessible alternative to the gym and outdoor cycling for individuals who don’t have road bikes or prefer to exercise in the comfort of their homes.

But, with many different brands of upright bikes available, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of options if you’re unsure what to look for. Follow this quick guide to buying your first upright bike to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed!


There’s nothing that makes you feel safer while exercising than knowing your equipment is stable and reliable. Low-quality upright bikes tend to wobble and shift while in operation. Always refer to the machine’s weight to determine its stability.

For heavier bikes, remember to search for options with transport wheels since their weight may make it difficult to move the machine from one room to another.


It’s safe to say that some bikes will produce more noise than others. While it isn’t a significant factor for most, some fitness enthusiasts consider noise to be distracting during a workout session. Some bikes that include fans tend to produce more sound during sessions of intense pedaling.

If you are able, test your options to determine whether noise levels are tolerable or if you should consider an alternative.


While your safety while using equipment is paramount, it also helps to consider the safety of those around you, especially if you live in a household with small children and pets.

Curious young ones can injure themselves when trying to use fitness machines. You’ll want a bike that conceals mechanics such as the chain and flywheel to ensure no one gets their fingers or paws caught.


No matter the price or model, every upright bike includes basic features that help determine workout resistance and intensities.

Consider an option that has preset features to help guide you during your beginning workout. This will help you grow accustomed to the different levels.

Also, remember to look for a bike with comfortable seating if you plan to perform longer workout sessions. Most bikes also include a computer that displays your stats during your session and strap-on pedals that prevent slipping.

Buying your first upright bike can be overwhelming, especially when viewing many different options. However, this quick guide can help you filter your choices as you search for the most suitable equipment to support your fitness goals.

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