A Quick Guide to Burning Calories on the Rowing Machine

A Quick Guide to Burning Calories on the Rowing Machine

When people exercise, they often aim to burn calories, and one great way to do that is with a rowing machine. Although it may not be as common with workout enthusiasts as a treadmill, rowing is a full-body and low-impact exercise. Read this quick guide to burning calories on the rowing machine.

Don’t Overlook Duration or Intensity

Before strapping into the rowing machine, or ergometer, consider factors such as the duration and intensity of your workout. They impact how many calories you burn while rowing.

If you want to burn more calories on the rowing machine, try increasing the duration of your workout. If you row for 30 minutes at a steady pace without a break, you’ll burn more than you did in your previous session with breaks and an inconsistent pace.

It’s also important to look at the intensity of your exercise. You will burn more calories if you put in more effort on the ergometer for the same amount of time. It may be difficult to maintain this effort, so it’s best to build your endurance before increasing intensity.

Do Endurance Training

Another important part of burning calories on the rowing machine is to do endurance training on the rowing machine. This strategy will help you burn more calories and improve your heart health.

Endurance training can help you exercise with an increased heart rate for a long amount of time. This will allow you to burn calories and perform more high-intensity exercises. You can strengthen your body and heart while working out on the rowing machine.

Add Variety to Your Exercise

Add variety to your rowing machine workouts. Although it can be easy to find yourself falling into a routine when it comes to your exercise, it is better to mix it up so that your body can burn calories in new ways every few days.

Consider doing high-intensity interval exercises on one day and slower endurance exercises on others. You may want to adjust the damper to improve your strength. You have endless choices when mixing up your exercises.

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