5 Ways To Track Your Fitness Progress and Goals

5 Ways To Track Your Fitness Progress and Goals

Fitness is integral to keeping your mind and body healthy, but it’s not always easy to see track your progress. No matter how many crunches you do in a day, you won’t wake up with abs the next morning. It can feel frustrating when you don’t see progress, and you may even worry that nothing has changed. Below are some great ways to track your fitness progress and goals so that you never lack workout motivation!

1. Set Goals

Most of us create a list of fitness goals before beginning a new workout routine because it helps us develop the habits to get our bodies moving. This also helps you notice when you’ve hit those benchmarks because those goals will become too easy. So, if you push yourself to run a mile in 15 minutes, this goal may shift into a 12-minute mile as the previous one becomes too easy.

2. Measurements

The scale isn’t always an indicator of whether you’ve met your fitness goals. As you build muscle, that number could increase! But this shouldn’t scare you—muscle weighs more than fat, and building muscle is a part of working out. Measure key areas like your chest, waist, and hips, then jot the numbers down. You can track any changes you spot as time goes on. If you do a lot of ab workouts, your waist should decrease.

Pro Tip

You can also track your progress based on how your clothes fit. If your clothes seem looser, you’re right on track with your fitness goals.

3. Workout Pictures

Take before and after pictures once a month or every other month. You can't always see progress in the mirror, especially in a short span of time. But you can compare a photo from a month ago to see changes. Keep these photos so that you have something to look back on in six months or years when changes are even more obvious.

4. Fitness Tracker

Thanks to technology, getting in shape has become even easier. We now have fitness trackers. These watches can help track your steps, heart rate, and the calories you burned. This is an easy way to track your fitness goals because it saves everything you do daily and gives you a digital database of all your workouts.

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5. Keep a Journal

Fitness journals are a great way to learn to listen to your body and reflect on how each workout felt. Did your strength workout feel a little too easy? Jot this down, plus the adjustment you plan to make, such as increasing the weight or number of reps. Remember, the most important part of getting in shape is maintaining balance, so if you have difficulty meeting some of your goals, adjust them to fit your ability.