5 Ways To Do Workouts With Your Kids

A mother wearing workout clothes holds her baby. The two are in their home and sitting on a workout mat.

Everyone knows that exercise is critical for one’s well-being, but it can be challenging for parents to find the time to do it. Involving your kids in your workout routine can be an excellent way for family members to spend quality time together while still ensuring you get your daily dose of exercise. Here are five ways to do workouts with your kids.

Have Them Count Your Reps

One of the simplest ways to involve your kids in your workout is to have them count your repetitions. This activity helps you keep track of your reps and lets your children feel included and important. Plus, counting out loud can be a fun way for younger kids to practice their numbers.

Let Them Choose Your Next Exercise

Giving your kids the power to choose your next exercise can make your workout sessions more dynamic and enjoyable. For example, they may decide you should do some strength training or run on the treadmill.

This approach keeps things interesting for you and gives your little ones a sense of control and involvement. It can also help you teach your young ones about decision-making.

Take a Moment To Dance

Who says your workout must be completely serious? You can imbue it with some fun by stepping away from your bike or treadmill and dancing with your children as you listen to upbeat music. This even serves as a great cardio workout.

Perform Squats and Pushups With Them

Another way to do workouts with your kids is to turn them into your workout partners. Try performing bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups as they sit on your shoulders or lie on your back.

It will be fun for them and ensure you get a rigorous workout. These activities can even start teaching them about physical fitness from an early age.

Put Them in Charge of Timing Your Exercise

You can also let your kids play an important part in your workouts by handing over the responsibility of timing each exercise. Equip your kids with a stopwatch and let them monitor each exercise interval. This task makes them feel responsible and engaged while aiding their understanding of time management.

Incorporating your kids into your workout routine will allow you to make sure you get exercise while teaching your children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a home fitness store in Southern California, try California Home Fitness. We carry products from top brands that we are ready to demonstrate for you in our locations.