5 Tips for Using Proper Form on a Treadmill

5 Tips for Using Proper Form on a Treadmill

When you run on a treadmill, you want to get the most benefits possible from your exercise. Your form as you jog can play an important part in that. Explore five tips for using proper form on a treadmill so that you can get your desired results.

Don’t Tense Up Your Arms or Shoulders

One thing to remember when you are on the treadmill is that you shouldn’t tense up your arms or shoulders. Instead, let your arms move as you run so that you are not unnecessarily exerting strength by keeping them tight. This loose movement will help you avoid using up any power you may need later.

Avoid Landing on Your Toes or Heels

Stopping yourself from landing on your toes or heels is another good tip for using proper form on a treadmill. If you do, you can stumble during your run and experience an injury.

Instead, try to land with the middle of your foot as you take a step. That technique will allow you to go faster and maintain your jog for a longer amount of time.

Stand Upright

As you run, you should avoid looking down at the treadmill since it can cause your body to lean over, leading to back and neck injuries. You should instead keep looking forward and your body upright. You will prevent yourself from experiencing unnecessary discomfort.

Don’t Rely on the Rails

You may enjoy hanging onto the handrails of your treadmill during your run, but it is better to avoid it until you have reached the end of your exercise. If you do hold on, you may cause yourself to lean over. Relying on the rails can also reduce the amount of work your body does during your exercise, meaning your time on the treadmill won’t be as effective.

Stay in the Middle

Whenever you run on the treadmill, try to stay in the middle of the treadmill instead of being in the front. This position will allow you to move in your stride better and utilize the shock absorbers in the machine. Stay about 12 inches away from the treadmill’s console to do this properly.

Now that you know these tips, you can do a better job of maintaining the right form. If you want to buy treadmills in Southern California, contact California Home Fitness. We offer reliable and award-winning brands that will help you enhance your workout.