5 Common Misconceptions About Using a Treadmill

5 Common Misconceptions About Using a Treadmill

People have many options regarding the exercise equipment they can use in their homes. Despite some misunderstanding its use, a treadmill is one of the most used pieces of gym equipment. Keep reading to discover the five common misconceptions about using a treadmill and why they are incorrect.

Misconception #1 – You Can Run the Same Speed Outside

One common misconception is that you can run the same speed outside as you can run on a treadmill. This belief is incorrect since there are too many factors in the outside world that can have an impact on your run, including traffic and uneven surfaces. Meanwhile, a treadmill allows you to run at an even, fast pace.

Misconception #2 – Treadmills Increase Your Chances of Injury

Another common misconception about using a treadmill is that it increases your chances of injury, especially in your joints and ligaments. In truth, treadmills are safe to use if you warm up properly ahead of time and use the equipment correctly.

Misconception #3 – Using a Treadmill Is Boring

Some may claim that using a treadmill is boring since you often run in place. However, you have many opportunities to do other things as you run that will help make it entertaining. You can read, listen to music, and even watch TV while running on a treadmill, which will help liven things up.

Misconception #4 – Real Runners Don’t Use Treadmills

A fourth myth about treadmills is that “true” or “real” runners do not use them. Many professional athletes or “ultra” runners use treadmills for indoor running, providing them with the same benefits as running outdoors.

Misconception #5 – Treadmills Are Too Expensive

A final untrue misconception is that treadmills are too expensive. Many low-cost options are available, but you should determine which features are important to you to decide if you want to pay less or more for your treadmill.

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