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MyRide Personal Console
Life Fitness

MyRide Personal Console

The Life Fitness MyRide VX personal console gives our award winning indoor bikes a full boost of adrenaline. Adding immersive, video-based instruction directly to the handlebar of the Life Fitness IC5, IC6 and IC7 redefines your riding experience. Three built-in apps provide advanced data accuracy, results-orientated coaching and stunning footage from around the globe. Display size 10.1in, Display Type HD Multi-touch Display, Screen Ratio 16:10, Screen Resolution 1920px x 1200px, ICG Media Server Connection WiFi (ieee 802.11n), Tablet Dimensions 10.35in x 6.85in x 0.33in, Viewing Angle Adjustable Viewing Angle, Cable Routing Integrated, Audio Connection 3.5mm Output

Product Information
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