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Fitness Begins at Home

My wife and I are both professionals who work from home. We found ourselves constantly sitting in front of the computer, working long hours for our clients, sometimes for 10 hours at a time without stopping. This made our clients happy but turned both of us into unhealthy blobs, overweight and out of shape. Because of our lifestyle in Los Angeles we needed to consider fitness equipment for our home.

We rarely left the house. We certainly did not have an incentive to go to a gym because just to get there meant we would have to get up, get fully dressed (I like to work in my underwear), fight the traffic to drive across town, hunt for a parking space, and park the car. That would be a minimum of a half-hour wasted to go and another half-hour to come back. We did the calculations and one hour of each of our time, times the 2 or 3 or more times we needed to go to the gym each week in order to get in shape, would be a very expensive proposition indeed. Not to mention that we never both seemed to have a break in our work that would allow us to go to the gym together and we had only one car. It was intimidating for us to be in public, sweating, huffing and puffing while paying a membership fee to show off our fat blob bodies. We thought we looked like fools. Both of us had experiences before of joining gyms and then never going, which is more common than most people think.

The solution was obvious. Since we both had home-based businesses, our fitness solution would be the same: we would build our gym at home. It turns out it was more fun than we thought. We went on the hunt in Los Angeles for fitness equipment centers to buy what we needed. We found a lot of choice. The best place we found was CA Home Fitness (http://cahomefitness.com). They had everything including bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, steppers/stair climbers, rowers, vibration equipment, free weights and even fully functional self-contained home gyms. We bought some fitness equipment and soon became hooked on using it, easily fitting this into our daily routine. We both do a lot of online research for our work and it was so helpful to get our computers set up so we could use them for research while working out on the treadmill. The pounds literally melted away.

My wife and I are very happy we took the time to search in Los Angeles for fitness equipment, got the best deal and the best equipment from CA Home Fitness and now have found a great way to balance both our careers and our need to stay physically fit without ever having to leave our home.


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