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CA Home Fitness

If you want to exercise at home but didn't know where to start to build the perfect home gym, look no further. California Home Fitness specializes in gym equipment that is suitable for home use. Having been in business for more than 25 years, they understand the equipment design and focus. Their experience makes them uniquely positioned to assist customers in creating their fitness space.

There are many types of equipment to choose from including treadmills, bikes, and vibration equipment. Here are some of the fitness items you'll find in their Los Angeles store and online:


Attention cardio junkies! CA Home Fitness has the equipment you need to keep your metabolic rate stoked. We offer cardio machines to suit diverse cardio tastes. Home exercisers can easily find the cardio equipment they are looking for at CA Home Fitness.


Treadmills are so versatile that exercisers of all levels can use them. They can be utilized for walking, interval training, jogging, or an all out sprint. CA Home Fitness carries the True Fitness, Precor, Cybex, and BH brands.


Elliptical trainers provide a low-impact alternative to cardiovascular exercise. CA Home Fitness carries the True Fitness, Precor, Cybex, Inspire, and LifeCore brands.


Exercise cycles have come a long way from the ones that were available in the '80s. Now exercise cycles offer armrests and personal fans as well as HD touchscreens and iPod connections, allowing people to view or listen to their own content as they work out. CA Home Fitness carries upright and recumbent models from Precor, True Fitness, Evo, Waters, Lifecore, and Inspire.


Stair climbers simulate going up a flight of stairs and are excellent for building cardiovascular endurance and increasing leg strength. CA Home Fitness carries the Stairmaster brand.


Rowing machines provide a great total body exercise. The activity this equipment facilitates works arms, shoulders, back, and legs. Rowers are great for strength and interval training. CA Home Fitness carries the LifeCore Fitness brand.


Vibration equipment offers full body fitness. Exercises using this equipment improve balance, flexibility, and strength. CA Home Fitness carries the DKN Technology brand.

Weight Lifting

Strength training is an integral part of fitness. CA Home Fitness carries a variety of options that will help customers meet their fitness goals.

Home Gyms

Home gyms provide the total weight lifting experience in one package. CA Home Fitness carries systems from Inspire and Precor.

Free Weights

Free weights offer flexibility to the person exercising, so that they can tailor their own workout. Free weights are ideal for those working on proper form and balance. CA Home Fitness carries weights and caging from Inspire.

If you're looking for comprehensive fitness in Los Angeles, CA Home Fitness's offering will do the trick for the home exerciser. Contact them to discuss your exercise equipment needs.

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