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LifeFitness E5 Elliptical
Versatility keeps workouts fresh and inviting. The E5 Cross-Trainer has an adjustable stride and several other features that create effective low-impact, total-body workouts tailored to fit any exerciser.
Club Series Elliptical CrossTrainer
The Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer offers a smooth total-body cardiovascular workout. Built for comfort or your home, it is a proven machine that offers a variety of low-impact workouts. This cross-trainer also offers a refreshed, non-intimidating console with more options for personalized entertainment, which helps exercisers complete more enjoyable workouts.
LifeFitness T5 Treadmill
Built for unmatched customization, the T5 allows exercisers to train their way through adjustable running terrains and personalized workout programs. Let the T5 recall preferred walk, jog and run speeds, or choose from dozens of other programs, all at the touch of a button.
LifeFitness FS4 Elliptical
The FS4 combines a compact footprint and furniture-inspire design to create a cross-trainer that compliments any home. It's F-I-T system enables three functional exercise modes, integrates premium aesthetics and tailors the workout experience to your body.
LifeFitness E3 Elliptical
The E3 Cross-Trainer has added features that keep workouts interesting and motivation. It's an exciting home cardio option for exercisers of all fitness levels looking for an effective low-impact, total-body workout.
LifeFitness T3 Treadmill
The Life Fitness T3 Treadmill is designed with form and function in mind. Form it's sleek aesthetic curves that complement any home environment, to patented features that provide comfort and control, the T3 Treadmill is everything you expect from Life Fitness
LifeFitness F3 Folding Treadmill
This space-efficent treadmill offers the quality, performance and great looks expected from Life Fitness in Machine that can be stored quickly and easily. with its combination of features and flexibility, it brings an amazing cardio experience to any home.
LifeFitness E1 Elliptical
The E1 Cross-Trainer offers an effective low-impact, total-body workout for home exercisers of all fitness levels. Years of Life Fitness innovation and research have resulted in an inviting cross-trainer that combines a comfortable, natural feel with outstanding durability and quiet operation.