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Fitness in Los Angeles: Plenty of Options

Every day in Los Angeles, there are countless opportunities to boost your health by exercising. Many residents combine indoor and outdoor fitness to burn more calories, especially during the city's rainy winter months. Desirable options range from using home exercise equipment to exploring local parks and swimming in public pools.

1. You can find a variety of pleasant walking and hiking paths in Los Angeles. Enjoyable walks are possible in Wattles Garden Park and Long Beach's Naples area. For more challenging hikes and great scenery, go to Cherry Canyon, the Baldwin Hills state park or Angeles National Forest. Don't forget to bring along some sunscreen and drinking water.

2. Although you might not enjoy the scenery as much, you'll burn more calories in a shorter time by running. The city's massive Griffith Park and the coastal trails of Santa Monica provide good places to run. Some residential streets are also safe for runners and joggers, but traffic or crowded sidewalks can be problematic at times.

3. Bicycling offers another outdoor fitness option for Los Angeles residents. Although L.A. isn't the safest city for cyclists, it does offer some appealing places to bike. A few of the best options include Glendale Narrows, Griffith Park and the Marvin Braude trail. You may travel between different neighborhoods on some of the paths.

4. On a hot summer day in southern California, a swim seems much more appealing than a bike ride or run. Fortunately, Los Angeles features a number of great swimming holes and pools. Check out the Hansen Dam Aquatic Center, Lava Lake or one of the city's 54 public pools. Keep in mind that about 38 community pools close during the cooler seasons.

5. Don't have any time to spare? Try to integrate exercise within your standard work, school and/or shopping routines. If you're going up or down a few floors in a skyscraper, use the stairs instead of an elevator. You might not be able to walk to the office, but you can get a little more exercise by parking far away from the front door.

6. Los Angeles has over 2,000 gyms and similar establishments. In addition to work-out equipment, they offer a tremendous variety of fitness classes. You can practice yoga, boxing, cycling or Zumba, among other things. Personal trainers are available, too. Gyms help you avoid unpleasant weather, but you still have to travel there.

Home exercise equipment provides the safest and most convenient option for fitness in Los Angeles. There's no admission fee and you can use it any time, including nights and rainy days. If you're interested in exercising at home, please visit California Home Fitness on Wilshire Boulevard. We offer quality treadmills, ellipticals, weights and more.

For further details on our stores and fitness products, please call 310-479-0066 today.