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Bring the Health Club Home with California Home Fitness

Getting in shape, and staying in shape is a challenge for many of us -- even those who somehow make it look easy. Many try joining gyms, but wind up feeling intimidated by other members either on the health club floor, in the locker room -- or both. But they make the attempt, because it is important to them to be able to work out on the quality Los Angeles fitness equipment their gym provides. But there is an alternative; purchasing that equipment from California Home Fitness.

California Home Fitness is well know throughout the Los Angeles area for providing a wide variety of fitness equipment, and through their six locations in Los Angeles Torrence, Pasadena, Corona Del Mar, Sherman Oaks and Irvine they provide high quality Los Angeles fitness equipment not only to homes and office, but to many health clubs as well. Take a look around any of the stores and you'll notice familiar brands such as Precor, Cybex, Bodycraft, Stairmaster, Inspire, Bosu, Schwinn and more in both cardio and strength training equipment, so you are sure to find something that fits in with how you prefer to exercise.

Cardio Options

California Home Fitness has several different options for cardio equipment, so you can get the machines you use the most without having to wait in line or be limited on how long you can stay on the machine to make room for the next person. There's treadmills, of course, of the highest quality. Some are designed to minimize impact so even if you are on the heavier side it is less likely that you will experience injury while using the machine. Ellipticals are also a popular choice, since they allow the user to get their heart rate up and burn calories with little or no impact. And face it, that "gliding on air" feeling is kind of fun. There's also a wide range of both recumbent and upright bikes, which are commonly recommended for those who experience problems with their knees.
If you prefer less traditional Los Angeles fitness equipment, you'll also find plenty of stair climbers and steppers as well as various rowing machines that will give you the workout you're looking for.

Strength Training

Most fitness experts will tell you that the best cardio routines get even better results when they are combined with a strength training regimen.. But it can be especially difficult for some people to venture into their gym's weight room and try to fit in among all the obvious regulars. California Home Fitness gives you the option of having this equipment in your home too, and also provides a range of free weights that will keep you motivated to get even stronger.

The fitness equipment you find at California Home Fitness is not like the equipment you might see in a discount or department store. Some of that equipment may look okay in the picture, but take a closer look at the description and you'll notice low weight limits. Read some reviews and you'll find users disappointed with the lack of stability or stride length. Some express their frustration with just getting their equipment properly assembled.

When you order Los Angeles Fitness Equipment from California Home Fitness, you can count on us to back up every piece we sell. We'll draw on our 25 years of industry experience in order to answer whatever questions you might have. We'll also deliver and set up your equipment, and financing is available for purchases over $199. You can simply take that money you've been using toward your gym membership and apply it towards owning the equipment you use the most. And if you ever have a problem with your fitness equipment-- even pieces you didn't buy from California Home Fitness we're ready to service that equipment and will do our best to get it working great once again. To get started on your own path to home fitness, contact the California Home Fitness location nearest you.